Search condition


A search condition is a string parameter for a method that searches for Browsers, Frames or Elements It has the following format:
 "attribute  = test value" or
 "attribute != test value"

The attribute in a search condition depends on the context where the search condition appears. A search condition is true if the tested relationship between the value of the attribute and the test value is true. The valid operators in a search condition are: "=" equality and "!=" inequality.

Search conditions are used in one of the following methods: FindBrowser, FindAllBrowsers, FindElement, FindChildElement, FindAllElements,FindChildrenElements FindFrame, FindChildFrame, FindAllFrames, FindChildrenFrames, WaitToLoad.


If the useRegExp property is set to true, then the values in search conditions represents regular expressions.
Usually, search methods are affected by loadTimeout and searchTimeout properties.

A special zero-based index attribute is available in search condition for FindElement, FindChildElement, FindFrame and FindChildFrame methods. It specifies the ordinal position in the collection of objects generated by the remaining search conditions.


var coreObj = new ActiveXObject("Twebst.Core");
var browser = coreObj.FindBrowser("URL=");
var element = browser.FindElement("A", "href=");

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