loadTimeoutIsError - web automation property

Web automation property that enables or disables web macro exception raising when the loadTimeout has expired.

Applies to:
  coreObj.loadTimeoutIsError = booleanValue;
booleanValue is an expression evaluated to true or false.
If booleanValue is true, then a web macro exception is thrown when loadTimeout expires in one of the methods bellow.
The default value of the web automation property is true (by default web macro exceptions are thrown when loadTimeout expires).
The property affects the following methods: AddSelection, AddSelectionRange, FindElement, FindChildElement, FindFrame, FindChildFrame, FindAllElements, FindChildrenElements, FindParentElement, GetAllSelectedOptions, Select, selectedOption, SelectRange, WaitToLoad. When loadTimeout expires the lastError property is set to LOAD_TIMEOUT_ERROR.

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