Core - IE macro object

The core object is the root of the Open Twebst Library and every IE macro must create a core object in order to gain access to the other features of the web automation library. The methods it provides create Browser, Frame and Element web automation objects connected to Internet Explorer HTML web controls. The properties of the core object allow to finely tune the behavior of the other objects and methods.

 var coreObj = new ActiveXObject("OpenTwebst.Core");
AttachToHWND Creates a library Browser IE macro object from a Win32 API window handle.
AttachToNativeBrowser Creates a library Browser IE macro object from a native Internet Explorer browser object.
AttachToNativeElement Creates a library Element IE macro object from a native Internet Explorer element object.
AttachToNativeFrame Creates a library Frame IE macro object from a native Internet Explorer window object.
FindBrowser Searches for an existing instance of Internet Explorer browser that verifies a list of Search Conditions.
GetClipboardText The method retrieves text data from the clipboard.
Reset Resets all properties of core IE macro object to their default values.
SetClipboardText The method places text on the clipboard in both ANSI and Unicode format.
StartBrowser Starts a new instance of Internet Explorer browser and returns a Browser web macro object connected to it.
asyncHtmlEvents Determines whether HTML events will be fired up synchronously or asynchronously.
closeBrowserPopups Automatically close IE browser popups (security alerts, auto complete, errors).
foregroundBrowser Returns a library Browser web automation object attached to foreground Internet Explorer instance.
IEVersion Returns the version of Internet Explorer.
lastError Returns the error code for the last library operation.
loadTimeout Sets or retrieves the amount of time library methods wait the web page to load.
loadTimeoutIsError Enables or disables script exception raising when the loadTimeout has expired.
productName Returns the name of the installed Twebst Library.
productVersion Returns the version of the installed Twebst Library.
searchTimeout Sets or retrieves the amount of time web automation library methods try to find HTML objects in web pages.
useHardwareInputEvents Sets or retrieves the type of input events used to perform actions on HTML web controls.
OK_ERROR No error occured
FAIL_ERROR Undetermined error occurred.
INVALID_ARG_ERROR Invald parameter in method call.
LOAD_TIMEOUT_ERROR Load timeout expired while waiting for the web page to complete.
INDEX_OUT_OF_BOUND_ERROR Attempt to access an element of a collection with an index that exceeds the size of the collection.
BROWSER_CONNECTION_LOST_ERROR A web automation object was disconnected from its Internet Explorer instance.
INVALID_OPERATION_ERROR Operation not applicable to current web automation object.
NOT_FOUND_ERROR Item(s) not found.
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