loadTimeout - web automation property

Web automation property that sets or retrieves the amount of time web automation methods wait the web page to load.

Applies to:
  coreObj.loadTimeout = numericValue;
numericValue is the time to wait in milliseconds.

The default value of this web automation property is 60,000 milliseconds (one minute).
If loadTimeoutIsError property is true, then a web automation exception is thrown when load timeout expires in one of the methods bellow. In this case, the lastError property is set to LOAD_TIMEOUT_ERROR.
The property affects the following web automation methods: AddSelection, AddSelectionRange, FindElement, FindChildElement, FindFrame, FindChildFrame, FindAllElements, FindChildrenElements, FindParentElement, GetAllSelectedOptions, Select, selectedOption, SelectRange, WaitToLoad. These methods wait the web page to be completly loaded before they continue.

If loadTimeout is zero then find methods do not wait the page to complete and no script exception is thrown.


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