FindBrowser - web automation method

Connects a web automation Browser to an existing instance of Internet Explorer object ( IWebBrowser2 ) that verifies a list of Search Conditions.

Applies to:
  var b = coreObj.FindBrowser(Search conditions);
This method accepts a variable number of Search Condition arguments. The following attributes are accepted in search conditions:
The method returns a web automation Browser object that matches the search condition arguments and gets programmatic control over the IWebBrowser2 underlying IE native object. If no browser verifies the search conditions, then null is returned.
In case of an error the method throws a web macro exception and the lastError property of the core object is set as follows:
The time allocated for search is specified by the searchTimeout property.
APP attribute is case insensitive. The default value is iexplore.exe and * stands for any application (including IE). This IE automation method works for all Internet Explorer versions: IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9 and with IE protected mode on Windows XP, Vista and Win7.
var coreObj = new ActiveXObject("OpenTwebst.Core");
var browser = coreObj.FindBrowser("URL=");

// If the browser is found then close it.
if (browser != null)
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