useHardwareInputEvents - web automation property

Sets or retrieves the type of input events used to simulate users actions on HTML elements.

Applies to:
  coreObj.useHardwareInputEvents = booleanValue;
booleanValue is an expression evaluated to true or false.
If booleanValue is false then HTML events are used to click on HTML elements, or to input text in editable controls. If booleanValue is true then hardware events are used. The browser window is put in foreground, then a hardware keyboard or mouse event is generated (using mouse_event or keybd_event Win32 API functions). The default value of the property is false (browser events are used by default).
The property affects the following web macro methods: Click and InputText.
// Click an element using hardware events.
var coreObj                    = new ActiveXObject("OpenTwebst.Core");
coreObj.useHardwareInputEvents = true;
coreObj.FindBrowser("url=*codecentrix*").FindElement("a", "text=Download").Click();
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