OpenNewTab - web automation method

Not available in Open Twebst edition!
Opens a new Internet Explorer tab window and returns a Browser web macro object connected to it. This Internet Explorer automation method works for all browser versions: IE6, IE7, IE8 and with UAC and IE protected mode on Windows XP, Vista and Win7.

Applies to:
  var tabBrowser = browserObj.OpenNewTab("url");
This IE automation method is available only for Internet Explorer 7 or higher.
The URL of the newly opened tab is specified by the url parameter. The tab opens inside the same main frame IE window as the calling Browser tab. The method throws a web macro exception if a new tab cannot be open. In this case the lastError property of the Core object is set to FAIL_ERROR.
var coreObj    = new ActiveXObject("Twebst.Core");
var newBrowser = coreObj.StartBrowser("");
var newTab     = newBrowser.OpenNewTab("");
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