tabList - web automation property

Not available in Open Twebst edition!
Connects a BrowserList IE macro object to all Browser objects inside IE7/IE8/IE9 tab windows (TabWindowClass).

Applies to:
  var tabs = browserObj.tabList;
This property is available only for Internet Explorer 7 or higher.
This IE automation property returns a BrowserList macro object. It contains one Browser for each tab inside the main frame IE window corresponding to the calling Browser object. The calling tab (the one for which tabList property was called against) is placed in the first position inside the result BrowserList.

In case of an error the property throws a web automation exception and the lastError property of the core object is set as follows:
var coreObj  = new ActiveXObject("Twebst.Core");
var tabOne   = coreObj.StartBrowser("");
var tabTwo   = tabOne.OpenNewTab("");
var tabThree = tabOne.OpenNewTab("");
var allTabs  = tabThree.tabList;

var text = "";
for (var i = 0; i < allTabs.length; ++i)
	text += allTabs.item(i).title + "\n";

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