Compare Twebst Editions

Features Open Twebst Twebst PRO
GPL v3
Proprietary License
64-bit support
Web Recorder
except VBA and C++
Advanced search using regular expressions only * and ? wildcards
Help and support community-oriented
Browsers and frames list support
IE7, IE8 and IE9 tabs automation support
Low-level automation methods
Start new browser, connect to existing browser
Synchronized web actions and navigation
Get access to native elements of Internet Explorer
Attach to native elements of Internet Explorer
Simulate user behavior generating HTML / hardware events
Perform actions on all HTML controls
Available from any COM aware environment
Optimized search methods and collections
Automate popup/modal/modeless dialog boxes
Documentation and samples
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List of features NOT available in Open Twebst Edition

Object Features NOT available
Core AttachToWnd, FindAllBrowsers, isRegistered, NativeWindowToNativeBrowser, NativeWindowToNativeDocument, StartHiddenBrowser, useRegExp WndToNativeDocument
Browser activeTab, ieWindow, isActiveTab, FindAllFrames, OpenNewTab, processId, ShowBrowserWindow, tabList, tabWindow, threadId, topWindow
BrowserList ALL
Element SaveElementImage
Frame FindAllFrames, FindChildrenFrames
FrameList ALL

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